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Network of Azerbaijani Canadians is the largest grassroots Azerbaijani advocacy organization in Canada, serving the interests of Azerbaijani Canadians of all faiths.

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Our Story

While many Azerbaijani Canadian cultural organizations have done and continue to do tremendous work for the community across the country, the push toward having a unified political voice came during the outbreak of the Second Karabakh War in 2020. In Toronto, thousands of Azerbaijani Canadians marched to raise awareness about the 30-year-long occupation of Azerbaijan's Karabakh region, and every 10th Azerbaijani being considered Internally Diasplaced Person since 1992. Countless meetings were held with our public policy makers. Board Members were elected by the community across the country and in September 2020, the Network of Azerbaijani Canadians was formed. 

Our Vision

An influential, empowering, inclusive network of Azerbaijanis in Canada.

Our Mission

Through the three pillars of NAC's community activism - political advocacy, championing diversity and community outreach - we aim to positively influence Azerbaijani Canadians of all faiths in order to build a stronger, more empowered and more active Azerbaijani diaspora.

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Network of Azerbaijani Canadians 

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